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[ Apr 2nd 2013 ]
Exclusive sreenshots:

Lake bridge

[ Feb 7th 2013 ]
Soundtrack relised. You can find a download link in [LINKS]

[ Feb 6th 2013 ]
We are going to add a co-op mode to BioHazard Virus mod. Thre will be 3 tipes of maps: coop_ (cooperative - it will be a company of 6-7 maps), srv_ (Survive - you need to hold some zombies attacks) and cln_ (cleansing - you need to kill all the zombies on the map).

[ Dec 12th 2012 ]
We continued working, but 2 of us can't have no time, so they will become as soon as possible

[ Oct 28th 2012 ]
The mod making had been stoped for time.

[ Oct 2nd 2012 ]
We have already first screensots. you can find it in [SCREENS].

[ Aug 31st 2012 ]
We've started eorking on BioHazard Virus Half-Life modification. It is our first mod, and we are trying to do it as good as possible.

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